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Silicon Valley

SILICON VALLEY: Becky's Ep 502 Shirt

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Dinesh directs a string of lackluster insults at Gilfoyle after he learns his code contained less errors than the code of his satanist coworker. He walks by Becky (the young female coder) and cracks a joke about the book she's ready. "I hope that book you're reading is for work," Dinesh says. "Oh, absolutely," Becky responds. "Because if you want to read for fun, you should read Gilfoyle's favorite author, George ERROR Martin." Dinesh laughs at his own joke and taunts Gilfoyle that the company "is all laughing as [his] expense." The book Becky reads in this scene is actually a very famous programming book entitled "Coders at Work," written by Peter Seibel. The 2009 book includes interviews with famous coders about the craft of programming.